The objective of this work was to determine

the effect of humidity content of papaya cv Maradol

Roja and storage temperatura on dormany. The work was

conducted at the Laboratorio Nacional de Semillas, Empresa

Productora y Comercializadora de Semillas, La Habana,

Cuba, from November 2006 to January 2008. Seeds were

extracted from papaya fruits cv Maradol Roja and dried

to three humidiy contents (12%, 10,56% y 9,26%), and

aconditioned in polyiethylene bags and stored at 15ºC and

4ºC. Percentaje of seed germination, heigth and fresh weight

of the seedlings were measured at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months in

storage. There was a trend towards reduced seed germination

during the fi rst 6 months in storage (55,6%). After 9 and

12 months a signifi cant incresase in germination was

observed, independent of seed water content. Seeds stored

in environment at 15ºC favored germination after longer

sotrage compared to seeds kept in storage for shorter periods

(3 months). Seed dormany concluded between 9 and 12

months in storage irrespective of seed water content.

Keywords: Carica papaya L., germination, sarcostesta.