Lines combinations of andro-sterile

progenitors were evaluated to find genotypes with restoring

capacity during the years 1995 to 1997. Seven lines were

defined and verified to restore the male fertility. Also, some

hybrids with andro-sterile progenitors of excellent yield

(12230 kg/ha) and possibilities of commercial use (UHS95E0123

X P2-1) were located. The male fertility restoring

capacity (100%) of the lines P2-1, IA49-1, IA49-2, EHT-29-

1, EHT-49-3 were confirmed in progeny testing. Besides in

1997 and 1998, the isogenic versions were obtained with the

third and up to the fourth back-crosses, from the elite lines

from UNAM and the PUMAS female hybrids (in commercial

use as the PUMA 1157 and PUMA 1075). Also, there is a

version of the andro-sterile progenitors from INIFAP,

denominated as H-50 and H-48, recommended for the Valles

Altos; as well as some lines from CIMMYT, which could

favor the seed production of the hybrids that are generated

from these materials.