During the crop cycle 2000-2002, 1430

hectares were planted with the new HQ-61 corn hybrid.

This new material was planted considering its

characteristics. The HQ-61 hybrid, with the traditional

grower´s management practices, yielded 2.38 t/ha; was

similar to the commercial hybrids (2.23t/ha). The yield

varied form 0.9 to 3.4 t/ha for the HQ-61 hybrid and from

0.6 to 3.18 t/ha for regular corns. From the survey

conducted among growers, 52% said that HQ-61 was equal

to regular corn, 29% that it was better and 19% that it was

worse. One advantage found was that 95% of the growers

recognized that the flavor of the corn on the cob and the

corn mush were sweeter and the tortilla was softer. Also,

80% of the farmers disliked the plant shape during the first

stages, and 50% said that the plant breaks at the bending