An experiment was established at Rancho Casablanca, located in the Municipality of Puente Nacional, in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, in order to evaluate the toxicity caused by the mixture of the herbicides ametryn + clomazone to the sugarcane varieties MEX-79-431, MEX- 69-290, MEX-68-P23 and CP-72-2086. Four weed control treatments were evaluated: 1. Ametryn + clomazone (1200 + 800 g/ha), 2. Ametryn + clomazone (1800 + 1200 g/ha), 3. Ametryn + 2,4-D (1225 + 650 g/ha) and 4. Weeded control. Herbicides were applied when sugarcane plants had from two to four leaves. The mixture of ametryn + clomazone caused leaf bleaching in all the sugarcane varieties. The bleached area varied from 36.3 to 47.5% with the highest dose of the mixture, and from 25 to 39.4%, with the lowest dose, and it practically disappeared about 45 days after application. On the other hand, the mixture of ametryn + 2,4-D did not cause any bleaching. Toxicity caused by the mixture of ametryn + clomazone did not affect the number of plant leaves, the number of stalks in 2 linear m, nor the plant height. Stalk yield and sucrose content were not affected either.