Genetic improvement of the tolerance to high temperature and resistance to bean golden mosaic virus on common beans.

Juan Carlos Rosas, Aracely Castro, James S. Beaver, Carlos A. Pérez, Adrián Morales, Rogelio Lépiz

1-10 |

Sources of resistance to anthracnose and angular leaf spot in common bean for Costa Rica.

Rodolfo Araya, Floribeth Mora, Shree P. Shingh

11-15 |

Structure, size and production of weed seeds in the humid tropic.

Juan Calderón, Elizabeth Alán, Uriel Barrantes

31-39 |

Chemical composition of mulberry (Morus alba) for use in animal feed: densities and proing frequencies.

Carlos Boschini, Herbert Dormond-H, Álvaro Castro-H

41-49 |

Effect of agronomic practices in soil properties in hillsides.

Carlos A. Alfonso, Mario Riverol, Pedro Porras, Eduardo Cabrera, Víctor Somoza, Alberto Otero

63-69 |

The AMMI and Clusters analysis in the selection of the best experimental corn hybrids.

Guillermo Castañón, Rigoberto Zetina, Rafael Arano, Bernardo Raygoza

71-76 |

Combining ability of maize lines with different capacity tolerance to the maize bushy stunt.

Guillermo Castañón, Dan Jeffers, Héctor Hidalgo

77-81 |

New maize cultivars with agronomic potential for the humid-tropics.

Mariano Mendoza, Arnoldo Oyervides, Alfonso López

83-88 |

Recurrent selection in maize under tropical humid conditions.

Mariano Mendoza, Arnoldo Oyervides, Luis Latournerie, Humberto de León

89-93 |

Prostephanus truncatus control in maize’s seed.

Abel Valdes, Elos Mariano Mendoza, Francisco Nieto

95-101 |

General and specífic combining ability for tropical lines of corn using testers.

Mauro Sierra, Fidel Marquez, Roberto Valdivia, Octavio Cano, Flavio A. Rodríguez

103-112 |

Heterosis, GCA, SCA and gentic diversity of 13 hybrids of maize (Zea mays L.).

Alfredo de la Rosa, Humberto de León, Gaspar Martínez, Froylan Rincón

113-122 |

Technical Notes

Protective agents against fungi associated to peachpalm (Bactris gasipaes Kunth) seed.

Carlos Arroyo, Jorge Mora, Edgar Vargas, Javier Gainza

127-131 |

Effect of chemical and manual thinning in flowering and fruits of apple.

Francisco J. Almanza, Mariano Elos, Alfonso López, Abel Valdez

133-137 |

Root system of potato genotypes under greenhouse conditions.

S. Cortez, S. A. Camacho, Gaspar Martínez, S. Kuruvadi, Mariano Mendoza

139-143 |

Growth analysis in seven potato varieties (Solanum tuberosum L.).

Fernando Borrego, José M. Fernández, Afonso López, Víctor M. Parga, Margarita Murillo, Adrián Carvajal

145-149 |

Effect of splitting the nitrogen fertilization rate on the seed yield of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.).

Juan Cedano, Danna de la Rosa, Alfonsina Sánchez, Fernando Oviedo

151-154 |

Non-conventional varieties, an option to increase productivity of Mexico’s high Valley land race corn.

Alejandro Espinosa-Calderón, Margarita Tadeo-Robledo, Alfredo Tapia-Naranjo

159-161 |

Selection of drought resistant maize lines.

Guillermo Castañón, Ricardo Cruz, Roberto del Pino, Eleuterio Panzo, Miguel Montiel, Lorena Filobello

163-169 |

Productive and nutritional phenology of corn for the yield of fodder.

Ana Lorena Amador-R, Carlos Boschini-F

171-177 |

Analyzes and Comments