The objectives of this research were to study variability of growing and distribution of the root system in 10 commercial and experimental potato clones and to identify the best materials in different soil profiles. It was used a complete random block design, under greenhouse conditions at the Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro, Saltillo, Mexico. Black polyethylene containers of 90 cm long and 30 cm diameter were used for evaluating root system. Restricted irrigation was applied to increase root growing. Experimental plot was one container with two plants. After flowering and 125 days of growing, shoot was cut. Soil in every container was divided in four sections. Shoot and roots were dried at 70 °C for 48 hours and weighted. Analysis of variance revealed highly significant differences for dry root weight among potato varieties at the four considered profiles: 0-20, 20-40, 40- 60, 60-80 cm, and for total profile (0-80 cm). Boer, Russet Burbanck and Utatlan were outstanding varieties for the total production of roots. Boer Russet Burbanck, Atlantic and Gigant varieties produced the higher amount of roots in the 60- 80 cm profile and produced a good roots growing patterns in different profiles.