It was studied the performance of each of group of lines based on their combining ability to determine the best hybrids. We also estimated usefull heterosis in the traits under study. 23 lines were crossed with two testers and evaluated in 1995 in a experiment with two replications in two locations in Veracruz, Mexico. A complete block design with factorial arrangement was utilized. Lines were consideredas factor A while testers were considered as factor B.  Results indicated that the average performance of lines, testers and lines x testers turned out to be statistically different for flowering date, plant height, prolificy and yield. Lines 37 and 7 standout with 9.473 and 9.203 t/ha, respectively. Outstanding hybrids showed yields between 9.173 to 9.685 t/ha and included lines 7, 15, 17, 37, 39 and 49. The highest heterosis and best specific combining ability (SCA) were found out in the cross between line 17 x tester 1 with 18,34 % for yield and line 37 was best for general combining ability (GCA) (0,52). Heterosis for flowering date was of -7,27 % and outstanding for their ACG the lines 14, 15, and 39. For prolificy the  31 was best than any other line with 52 % of heterosis and ACG too and for ACE the cross of the 17 x tester 1 was superior (6,28).