Productivity of six southern peas genotypes (Vigna unguiculata) and two dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) varieties was compared in two conditions: one on irrigation and other on drought. Under irrigation southern pea ‘California Blackeye No. 5’ resulted in a greater pod yield and ‘29144’, 56061/BRE’ and ‘California Blackeye No. 5’ in grain. In dry beans, ‘Pinto Anzalduas 91’ was significantly higher with grain yield. Under drought iron chlorosis was observed and there was a wide range of severity into crops and cultivars. There were no precipitations during crops season and only three southern peas genotypes produced pod and grain; ‘California Blackeye No. 5’ registered the best pod and grain production. No grain production was obtained in dry beans. Forage production was better in the majority of southern peas genotypes. In southern pea, plant height was correlated with forage production (r= 0.71). It was evident the variability of production between species and the evaluated conditions, but southern peas showed better potential productivity over dry beans.