Potential acceptance of quality protein maize byfarmer families in Northern Nicaragua. The objective ofthis analysis was to estimate the potential acceptance of threequality protein maize cultivars (QPM): Nutrader, Nutrinta Amarillo and Mazorca de Oro, in northern Nicaragua. In 2009, for a nutrition study, 142 farmers were surveyed; 95of them reported producing maize, and were included in this analysis. Although none of them had heard about these QPM cultivars, 45,3% would accept them only if they had greater yield and quality compared with traditional cultivars; thesewere classifi ed as “potential acceptance”. The other 54,7% said they would not harvest QPM or they would do so only if they had a higher price in the market, for which there isno evidence. The probability of acceptance was higher infarmers with a greater number of children less than fi ve years age, for whom low yields is not a problem, not affi liated withan association or cooperative, who consider they need tospend the same or less money to prepare food with qualityprotein maize, or expects no taste differences between QPM and traditional cultivars (p<0,10).
Keywords: Farmers, Nutrader, Nutrinta Amarillo, Mazorca de Oro.