This research was conducted from October to De.cember, 1992, based upon the aqueous extracts from plants, at the Chemical, Agricultural and Pharmacy laboratories, by producing anphitochemicals and rnicrobiological tests on the bacterium Pasteurella multocida. The field stage was performed at the training cooperative agricultural farm (GECA) at Chalatenango, and we evaluated 16 treatments with substances from the four individual plants, and their possible combinations and witness. We performed inoculation of the bacteria on chickens of the Arbos Acres line, in arder to determine the preventive results of treatments. We utilized the Weibull model and the survival function, and we obtained significant statistics only for the treatments with the combinations of Quina/Epacine, Stinkwood/Tempate, Stinkwood/ Epacine, and T16 (Quina/Epacine/Stinkwood/ Tempate), and it was this last treatment which showed results on the prevention of fowl cholera.