During the development of hybrids, non-related progenitors of opposite heterotic pattern were used. When heterotic patterns of different germplasm are not well defined, or the heterotic response among existing materials is low, it is possible to develop inter-line hybrids with some materials. The objective of this study was to determine the yield of intra and inter-population hybrids developed from lines from Pool-19 and Pool-20 (Dialelo 1); lines from Pob.32, 25 and Pool-23 (Dialelo 2); lines from Pool-24 and Pob.24 (Dialelo 3); and lines from Pob.21, Pool-23 y Pob.32 (Dialelo 4), evaluated in México, Central America and Africa. Intra and interpopulation hybrids were also evaluated in experiments involving crosses of white tropicallines to testers from Populations 21, 32, 25 and Pool-24. Interpopulation hybrids outyielded intrapopulation hybrids from 8.0 to 15.6%. In the line x tester experiments, the interpopulation hybrids also outyielded intrapopulation hybrids. In the four dialells, the best intrapopulation hybrids yielded from 92.2 to 118.6% in relation to the best control. This indicates the possibility to obtain high yielding intrapopulation hybrids. Similar results were obtained from the line x tester experiments.