Six plots of 0.7 ha each were established in March of 1991: three in Region II with the CARE-Leon Program and three in the Sebaco Valley-Matagalpa with vegetable growers, to evaluate the effect of dry soil tillage for the control of Cyperus rotundus L, under different soil preparation systems and soil textures. The tilling treatments on the dry soil were: mechanized plowing, oxen drawn plow and one to three diskings in the summer, comparing them with the traditional tilling methods with the first rains. There were differences among treatments (F= 9.22 **), with the plow + 1 disking on dry soil there was an 87% sprout reduction, with plow + 2 diskings at Las Mar ías the sprouting was reduced by 59% and by 77% at the Experiment Center at Sebaco, and with the oxen drawn plow it was reduced by 55%. All the tilling systems on the dry soil succeeded in reducing the grass sprouting by over 50%, noticing that on ligh soil the plow alone is enough for a good control while the heavy soils need one or two diskings.