Maize varieties and hybrids from the Panama National l'rogram and experimental and commercial hybrids from priva te companies which distribute seed in Panama were evaluated in order to determine yield, agronomic characteristics and general adaptation. This study was conducted by the Maize Program of the Instituto de Investigacion Agropecuaria de Panama (IDIAP) at 9 different locations. From the combined analysis, significant ditTerences were found between locations, cultivars and a significant cultivar by location interaction was present, with the locations Paraiso, Las Tablas and La Honda having much higher yields. The highest grain yields for the entries evaluated were obtained with hybrid P-8812 and experimental hybrids 477x372 and 477x375 (5.09,5.06 and 4.91 t/ha respectively). All three were superior to the commercial hybrids X-3214 and XL-604. The significant interaction between cultivar and location means that some of the materials evaluated have different responses by location. The cultivares having improved stabi1ity parameters were Guarare- 8128, XL-604, P8802, TOC-890A and TOC-7428.