The aim of this study was to determine the digestion of dry matter (MS), crude protein (PC) and amino acids (AA) in dairy cows. Two cannulated cows were used for the determination of passage rate (Kp), in situ ruminal degradability (DR) and intestinal digestibility (DI) by abomasal catheter. The data to calculate Kp was analyzed with NLIN procedure by SAS, and descriptive statistics for DR and DI of MS, PC and AA from Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum), a commercial supplement and two sources of rumen-protected AA. The study showed a Kp and a ruminal retention time of 0.036 h-1 and 27.4 h. The highest values from DR of MS and CP were from Kikuyu grass (69.0 and 61.8%) and concentrate (84.7 and 77.2%), followed by MetP (60.2 and 66.7%) and LysP (6.72 and 11.4%). The highest percentages of rumen indegradable amino acids (AADR) were from Kikuyu and concentrate, varying between 58.7 and 68% in forage, and 76.1 and 82.9% in the concentrate. The DR was 11.5 and 65.8% in LysP and MetP, respectively. The DI of AA (%AADR) varied between 42.3 and 77.4% for Kikuyu and 42.2 and 59.3% for concentrate. The values for the protected amino acids were 42.1 for LysP and 58.6 for MetP. 

Keywords: ruminal degradability, intestinal digestibility, rumen-protected methionine, rumen-protected lysine, passage rate.