The objective of this study consisted to determine the effect of two protective covers of the banana(Musa AAA) bunch. The study was carried out in two climatic seasons (adverse and favorable) at the Caribbean of Costa Rica. The covers compared were: 1-blue Santa Lucia (bifentrin 0.1%, polyethylene 12.7 μ thickness, with perforations of 4 mm and 86.4 cm wide) and 2- transparent photosensitive (bifentrin 0,1%, 20.3 μ, 4 mm holes and 86.4cm wide). The bunch weight and the thickness and length of the central fruit of the outer row in the second, fourth and sixth hands did not differ (P> 0.0556) between bunch covers.There were no differences between bunch covers in bunch appearance (P> 0.4699) or in the peel firmness in grade 1 of maturation (P> 0.6268). For fruit color parameters, only L*showed a greater (P= 0.0109) value (56.48) in the transparent photosensitive bunch cover relative to the blue Santa Lucia, where as the other two related variables (a* and b*) did not differ between treatments (P>0.1011). The increment of 7.6μ in the polythene thickness of the transparent photosensitivewith respect to the blue Santa Lucia bunch covers did not result in increased production or in improvement of bunch and fruit appearance.
Keywords: Cavendish subgroup, fruit appearance, fruit dimensions, Musa AAA, polyethylene