The study was

conducted with the rambutan (Nephelium  lappaceum)

cultivars R-134, R-162, R-167, Jitlee and Rongrien. All

cultivars showed red oval fruits with spines, which turned red

later than the rind did. The fruit weigth (32.7 to 37.3 g), flesh

per fruit (40.8 to 51.9%), Brix (18.3 to 18.6) and the easily

flesh removal from the seed, agreed with the quality

standards for fresh fruit export or canning. The N was the

most abundant nutrient in the fruit (77 to 87 mg), followed in

decreasing order by K (63 to 81 mg), Ca (22 to 31 mg), P (11

to 13 mg), Mg (9 to 13 mg) and S (4 to 6). The contents of

Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn and B were small (lower than 0,38 mg).