The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the yield and physicochemical quality of goat milk obtained under supplementation of diets containing hydroponic green fodder. This study was performed in the Comarca Lagunera in Coahuila, México, from March to August of 2011. For diet 1 a ratio of 85:15 (dry matter) of alfalfa and hydroponic green fodder (AH:FVH) was employed. Diet 2 was formulated at a 70:30 rate of alfalfa and FVH; meanwhile the control diet contained 87.5:12.5 of alfalfa and mezquite sheath. A triple latin square design was used for the experiment. The highest milk yield and quality was obtained from supplementing the goats diet with the alfalfa and 30% of hydroponic green fodder.

Keywords: hydroponic green fodder, milk goat, formulated diets.