A system for the genetic transformation of maize was developed for two Costa Rican varieties: CR-7 and Diamantes 8843, that can allow the subsequent transfer of viral-derived genes in order to confer resistance to the disease caused by maize rayado fino virus (MRFV). The method is based on particle bombardment of organogenic calli derived from shoot tips. On the other hand, the molecular construction pRFcp-bar, containing the coat protein gene of MRFV and the marker gene bar, was elaborated. For the visual selection of the transformed material was used also the plasmid pDM803 that contains the reporter gene uidA (GUS).The results indicate that devices evaluated: the PIG (“ Particle Inflow Gun “) and the Bio-Rad ™ are both enough efficient to transfer foreign genes to the genome of the maize.
Keywords: zea mays, biotechnology, genetic transformation, biolistics, maize rayado fino virus (MRFV)