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Our scope

  • Our journal publishes articles in all fields of tropical biology and conservation.

  • Selection criteria are the amount of new information, quality and interest to a general readership..

  • Studies with a strong experimental design, prolongued field work, and taxonomic-systematics studies of whole groups are accepted. We particularly welcome uninvited reviews that summarize information in a particular field of tropical biology, explaining what is known and what needs to be studied in the future.
  • Notes, short communications, range extensions and new species reports are no longer accepted.

We consider manuscripts in all theoretical and applied fields of tropical biology and conservation, with a preference to in-depth studies of general interest, based on significant samples, a solid experimental design and a modern quantitative analysis. We particularly welcome uninvited reviews that summarize information in a particular field of tropical biology, explaining what is known and what needs to be studied in the future This journal is aimed at specialized personnel in the field of Biology and Conservation of tropical organisms and environments.

We do not publish studies that only add details or cases to previously known phenomena, preliminary studies, communications, species lists, notes or other short articles, or highly specialized reports of limited interest.

Selection criteria are the amount of new information, quality and interest to a general readership. 

Vol 66, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents


Fernando Alzate, Astrid Álvarez, Daniel Rafael Miranda-Esquivel, Juan J. Morrone
Jhon Ch. Donato-Rondon, Juan David González-Trujillo, Buendy Romero, Maria I. Castro-Rebolledo
Delly Rocio Garcia Cárdenas, James Montoya-Lerma, Inge Armbrecht
Liliana Diodato, Andrea Fuster
Mariana Baraquet, Manuel Alejandro Otero, Pablo Raúl Grenat, María Selene Babini, Adolfo Ludovico Martino
Ana Maria Mesa Vanegas, Silvia Blair, Carlos Peláez
Vanessa Morales Cerdas, Lilliana Piedra Castro, Marilyn Romero Vargas, Tania Bermúdez Rojas
Néstor Veas-Ayala, Adolfo Quesada-Román, Hugo G. Hidalgo, Eric J. Alfaro
Diana Elizabeth Sánchez-Rodríguez, Ismael Ortiz-Aguirre, Ruth Noemí Aguila-Ramírez, Erika Guadalupe Rico-Virgen, Bárbara González-Acosta, Claire Hellio
Hansel Herrera, Elpis Joan Chávez, Luis Diego Alfaro, Todd Fuller, Victor Montalvo, Flávio Rodrigues, Eduardo Carrillo
Hugo Sotelo-Gallardo, Juan Antonio García-Salas, Armando Jesús Contreras-Balderas
Cristina Espinoza Toledo, Alfredo Vázquez Ovando, Rodolfo Torres de los Santos, Alfonso López García, Victor Albores Flores, Julieta Grajales-Conesa
Ernesto Gómez Cardozo, Guillaume Xavier Rousseau, Danielle Celentano, Heriberto Fariñas Salazar, Christoph Gehring
Eva R. Kozak, Aramis Olivos-Ortiz, Carmen Franco-Gordo, Gloria Pelayo-Martínez
Uiara Rezende, Ana Silvia Moreira, Vinícius Kuster, Denis Oliveira
María I. López-Hernández, Julián Cerano-Paredes, Salvador Valencia-Manzo, Eladio H. Cornejo-Oviedo, José Villanueva-Díaz, Rosalinda Cervantes-Martínez, Gerardo Esquivel-Arriaga
Helga Cecilia Achitte Schmutzler, Eduardo Adolfo Porcel, Gilberto Avalos

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