In this work, it was achieved to stablish in vitro shoots of Cryptomeria japonica from 20 year old trees. The shoots were disinfected and treated with six different concentrations of kinetin and belciladenine in order to induce their development and budding. It was evaluated the effect of quality and lighting intensity on these using for this orange light at 20 μEs-1m-2 and white light at 30 μEs-1m-2. For shoots rooting it was used different concentrations of NAA (naftalen acetic acid) and IBA (indolbutiric acid) alone or combined. BA and KIN induced the bud formation in Cryptomeria but it was observed the best budding with BA at 9.1μM. White light and orange light promoved the growth of explants as well as the growth of new buds but it was higher with orange light. The bud rooting was observed but it was not posible to find the best auxin concentration for rooting because of the plentiful callus formation on the base of explants and the root formation was very sporadic. The rooted shoots were placed on a substrate for their acclimatation in greenhouse conditions.
Keywords: taxocidaceae, cryptomeria japonica, micropropagation, tissue culture, forestry species