Atotal of 25 aphid species were collected from 49 ornamental plant species in São Carlos - São Paulo, Brazil; 12 aphids were monophagous, four oligophagous and nine polyphagous. A total of 58 aphid-plant associations are recorded, 43 unknown from Brazil. Eucarazzia elegans (Ferrari, 1872) (Aphididae: Aphidinae: Macrosiphini) is recorded for the first time from Brazil, and Nectandra megapotamica Spreng. (Lauraceae) is recorded for the first time as host plant for Lizerius tuberculatus (E.E. Blanchard, 1939) (Drepanosiphidae: Drepanosiphinae: Lizeriini). We also describe the injuries caused by aphids to the ornamental plants
Keywords: aphid diversity, aphid/plant associations, floricultural pests