The geosciences contribution along the 50 years of the Revista de Biología Tropical had been scarcity and episodic. Until now there are 2374 papers but only 21 (0.88%) have some relation with geological sciencies. It`s posible to reconize two periods with geological contributions, one between 1963 and 1978. It`s appropiate to underline the importance of the biologist L. D. Gómez with his contributions about Costa Rican Paleobotanic in this period. The other period includes from 1988 to the present, and it`s tipyfied by an increase of biologist and geologist participation in different topics regarding with geosciences. Foreing and national researches are in the same ratio and belong from several contries like Costa Rica, México and Dominican Repubic. The subjects are concerning mainly about fossil taxonomy (Paleontology: 81%), only 19% are related with geological topics. Such distribution could be explained because the affinity between the fossil studies and the biological sciences.
Keywords: geosciences, geology, paleontology, Costa Rica