More new species, new combinations and new distributions are made in the large and difficult genus Elaphoglossum in Neotropic. Ten new species are described, this are: Elaphoglossum adrianae A. Rojas, E. betancuri A. Rojas, E. caridadae A. Rojas, E. glabromarginatumA. Rojas, E. kessleri A. Rojas, E. macdougalii A. Rojas, E. paramicola A. Rojas, E. paxense A. Rojas, E. pseudoherminieri A. Rojas and E. solomonii A. Rojas. Three species are combined, this are: Elaphoglossum beitelii (Mickel) A. Rojas, E. curvans (Kunze) A. Rojas and E. eutecnum (Mickel) A. Rojas. Finally, 86 species are reported from other countries and some species names are synonymized
Keywords: elaphoglossum, lomariopsidaceae, neotropic, new combinations, new distributions, new species