A revision of epinepheline (Epinephelinae) and serranine (Serraninae) fishes from the Eastern Chilean South Pacific is presented, based on collections housed in Chile, Peru and the USA. Four species are recognized: Pseudogramma australis pasquensis; Diplectrum conceptione; Paralabrax humeralis and Serranus huacarii. According to literature Paralabrax semifasciatus, Serranus semifasciatus and Prionodes huascarii are relegated to the synonymy of Paralabrax humeralis and Serranus huascarii respectively. Keys for the identification of genera and species are presented, and for each species we provide a diagnosis, remarks on colors, distribution, number of species in each genus and illustration. The keys use easily observed characters for differentiating the four species of the Eastern South Pacific epinepheline and serranine fishes of Chile.
Keywords: serranidae, epinephelinae, serraninae, taxonomy, systematic, southeast pacific, Chile