The following species of Tectariaceae (Filicales) from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia and Perú are described as new: Ctenitis sotoana A. Rojas, Megalastrum ctenitoides A. Rojas, Tectaria darienensis A. Rojas, T. faberiana A. Rojas, T. longipinnata A. Rojas, T. murilloana A. Rojas, T. pascoensis A. Rojas and T. subdimorpha A. Rojas. The new combination of M. karstenianum (Klotzsch) A. Rojas is proposed. The distributions of C. bullata A. R. Sm., C. microchlaena (Fée) Stolze, C. submarginalis (Langsd. et Fisch.) Ching, T. andina (Baker) C. Chr. and T. sodiroi (Baker) Maxon are enlarged.
Keywords: ctenitis, megalastrum, neotropic, new combinations, new records, new species, pteridophyta, tectaria