Growth and sexual maturity in Saccostrea palmula were studied between May 1998 and May 1999, in Morales estuary, Punta Morales, Puntarenas, Costa Rica (n = 540 individuals according to sample size equation). The weight-length relationship for the population was Pt = 2.13 x 10-2 Lt1.6602 and von Bertalanffy growth function was Lt = 68.2 (1- e -0.1577 t). The mean sex ratio was 1.00 male: 0.92 females with sexually mature individuals found throughout the year. Spawning activity was highest between November and January. The mean condition index (IC=PCF/PV x 100) for the population was 121.53 ± 2.24 and the mean meat yield was 10.32 ± 1.64 %.
Keywords: saccostrea palmula, oyster, growth, sexual maturity, condition index, Costa Rica