Three new fish species are described: Brynamericus da/di from the basins of the Patia and Mira rivers: B. ichoensis from ChapUlTaido Creek, the upper Atrato River basin, and B. galvisi from upper Putumayo River. Bryconamericus dahli can be distinguished from other Bryconamericus species by body depth and the larger head. B. dahli is similar to B. caucanus, but can be distinguished by the number of anal fin rays, head width and maxilla. Bryconamericus ichoensis can be distinguished by ilS small size, absence of a spot on the caudal peduncle, and generally 27 to 30 anal fin rays. B. ichoensis may be closely related to B. multiradiatlls, but can be distinguished by the number of unbranched rays in the dorsal, pectoral and pelvic fins, the number of predorsal scales, body depth, etc. Bryconamericus galvisi, can be distinguished from other species ol' Bryconamericus by its single peduncle spot, high branched anal fin ray, ¡he lateral line scales count, and elongated body. This species is similar to B. caucallus and can be distinguished by the number of teeth on the maxilla and by the number of vertebrae. The genus Bryconamericus is a natural and valid group, which is related to Hemibrycoll. Moreaver the Knodus and Eretmobrycon are synonym al' Bryconamericus
Keywords: new species, characoids, tropical fish, bryconamericus