The trophic relatíons of five coastal Percifortlles at northern Chile were analyzed on the basis of 151 specimens of Acanthistius pictus, Paralabi·a.¡; humeralís, Pinguipes chilensis. Anisotremus scapularis ami Cheilodaetylus variegatus collected off Iquique, in April 1996, as a preliminary way to identify trophic guilds of subtidal fishes; A. pietus, P. humeralis and C. va riega tus, had the crustaceans Rhynehoeynetes t)pus, Pseudosquillopsis lessoni and Allopetrolisthes angulosus, respectively, as lhe best representeditems. In A. scapularis and P. chilensis the best represented items were the mollusks; however for the last species, the main food was ¡he crustacean Calleer setosus. These fish are essentially benthophagous carnivores with a variable trophic spectrum(8 to 36 ¡tems).