Four new species are described in Frankliniella genus Frankliniella marinae sp. n., moundi sp. n., sandovalensis sp. n. and orlandoi sp. n. The later synonyrns of Frankliniella (Exophtalmothrips and Bolbothríps) are discussed upon phylogenetical criteria, these criteria support the redescription of these genera because they are independent evolutionary lineages. The three genera are.redescribed and resurrected Exophtalmothrips and Bolbothrips folIowing the actual phylogenetics of the generic group. The genus Exophtalmothrips was a little genus with only three species, sorne studies on Mexico fauna, and the analysis of the species of Frankliniella frorn Costa Rica described in the last years increase the number of species for this genus. Bolbothrips is considered a rnonospecific genus with the single species aztecus misidentified as Frankliníella aztecus by sorne writers.
Keywords: franklíníella, exophtalmothríps, bolbothrips, new species, thysanoptera, thripidae