New additions to the crustacean decapod fauna of Bahía Culebra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The crustacean fauna of Bahía Culebra, Guanacaste, north Pacific, Costa Rica, was studied before the 1940’s. Based on the collections, mainly of the last two decades, deposited in the Zoology Museum of the University of Costa Rica, 15 species of decapods crustaceans belonging in 11 families are added to the 94 species previously reported for Bahía Culebra. This results in a total of 109 decapod species, and 130 crustacean species for the bay. Probably more species are present since several environments of the bay have not been studied, as well as the benthic microcrustaceans. This type of baseline data studies are important because of the rapid changes taking place in Bahía Culebra.
Keywords: crustacea, biodiversity, baseline data, bahía culebra, Costa Rica