Diet and food preference of Caprodon longimanus were 'studied at Alejandro Selkirk Island, Chile. The fishes (N=55) were collected in November and December 1996 using long line and lhe sizes ranged from 176-286 mm in SL. This grouper is a pelagic opportunistic zooplanktivorous predator. Thalia sp. (Tunicata: Salpida) was the most frequent and abundant prey accounting for 93.3% occurrence based on 1655 individuals. A total of 17 genera of crustaceans as well as pteropods, chaetognaths and polychaete worms were found in the stomach contents. A total of 14.3% of al! stomachs were empty.
Keywords: caprodon longimanus, serranidae, stomach content analysis, Alejandro Selkirk Island, eastem South Pacific, Chile