Nymphal and adult development of Supputius cincticeps (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) was studied during two generations on an artificial diet in. Minas Gerais, Brazil. It was fed with Tenebrio motilor (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) pupae at 25±2oC, relative humidity of 60±10% and photophase of 12 hours. The diet consisted of beef Iiver (60 g), beef meat with aproximately 15% of fa! (60g), sucrose solution at 5% ( 15 mI), beer yeast (3 g), egg yolk ( 12 g), honey (7.2 g), Wesson salt (0.6 g), ascorbic acid (0.4 g), nipagin (0.3 g) and tetraciclin (0.03 g). These ingredients were liquefied to produce a paste which wa, wrapped in Parafilm-M to mould artificial "caterpillars" of 2 X 3 cm. This experiment was initiated with 30 nymphs in each treatment reared individually in Petri dishes with a diameter of 90 x 15 mm. S. cincticeps completed its nymphal and adult development with this diet but the insects reared with T. molitor pupae produced a shorter nymphal period, heayier adults, higher egg viability and more nymphs.
Keywords: artificial diet, meridic diet, depredador, pentatomidae