A serologic screening for Toxoplasma gondii Imtibodies by IgO indirect fluorescent antibodíes test (IgOIFAT) was carried amoog 496 swine and 601 cattle serum samples from throughout Costa Rica, 10 study the possible role of their meat in the transrmssioo of the parasite. The overall prevalence of antibodies was 34.4% in cattle and 43.8% in swine. No significant differences were found in the antibody prevalence between males Imd females in both animal glOOP!, which acquire tite infectioo early in their lives. Swine did not present significant differences between age groups. In calde there was a bigh percent of seropositivity between the first and third years of age. The provinces that showed a greater number of seropositive aniruals· were Limon and Puntarenas for both animals, and Guanacaste for cautte.