The abundance of Porites panamensis was estimated with 21 belt transects (SO X 1 m; total sampled alea lOSO mI) atibe Cabo Pulmo Reef, Mexico. The species occupies 4-8% of Ibe bouom and is more abundant in deeper zones (cÍTctI10 m). The c:alculated yearly mortality rate (8-14%) is constant throughout tbe reef and it is similar 10 othen reported for Ibe genus. Assuming a steady state of Ibe populatioo, tbe yearly RlaUitmellt rate should be low, since recruit density ranged from 0.3 10 0.8colonies/m". The renewal time óllbe populatian was estimated in 7 10 13 years, suggesting a constant genetic recombinatian Ibat may help develop local adaptatians by llelectian. The recruit abundance was not proportianal 10 adult abundance, pedlaps because P. panamensis is gonocoric and ita larvae spend several days in the water, a procesa which helps homogenize Ibe disuibutian of planulae in the reef.