In Mexico there are 29 species of Amnestus, of which six species are from Veracruz. The morphological features and illustrations of immature stages of A. rugosus are presented. Notes about the biology and behavior were included. The nymphal and adult stages of A. rugosus were found in remnants of riparian vegetation of the mesophilous forest in La Antigua river basin, Veracruz, Mexico. Twelve sites in five localities were selected and the specimens were sampled in rainy (July) and dry (April) seasons of 2012. The samples were processed in Berlese-Tullgren funnel and Winkler. A total of 419 individuals, 320 adults and 99 nymphs of A. rugosus were revised. The size and coloration of the body and punctuation patterns the immature stages of A. rugosus, A. ficus, and A. morelensis are the main differences among these species. A. rugosus is a first record from Veracruz.

Keywords: Riparian forest, Amnestinae, leaf litter, nymphs, burrowing bugs.