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Eulogy for Kristian Fauchald (1 July 1935 – 4 April 2015)


Kristian Fauchald

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Salazar-Vallejo, S. I. (2016). Eulogy for Kristian Fauchald (1 July 1935 – 4 April 2015). Revista De Biología Tropical, 64(1), 1–4.


Karen Osborn and Linda Ward launched an initiative to establish International Polychaete Day on 1st of July to celebrate Kristian’s 80th birthday. This took place in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, where he spent his last 35 years as an active researcher. This was a magnificent idea that will help remember him and to encourage the interest for studying polychaetes. The wish is that a similar celebration be done as well in many other institutions and countries.


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