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The growth rates of four populations of Artemia franciscana (<i>Anostraca: Artemiidae</i>)

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Correa-Sandoval, F., Voltolina-Lobina, D., Bückle-Ramírez, L. F., & Cordero-Esquivel, B. (1994). The growth rates of four populations of Artemia franciscana (<i>Anostraca: Artemiidae</i>). Revista De Biología Tropical, 42(3), 605–609. Retrieved from


The growth rates of three populations of Artemia franciscana from México (one from Yavaros, Sonora and two from San José, Baja California) and that of the reference strain from San Francisco Bay, California, grown under the same laboratory conditions, were not statistically different, either considerlng total mean increase in length, or increase by stages. However, interpopulational differences were detected in the finallength of sorne developmeiltal . stages. In addition, regressive changes of dimensions were noted in sorne populations at the time of stage change. These might be the result of inborn characteristics of each strain, causing each population of Artemia franciscana to respond, in physiological terms, in different ways to the same environmental conditions.


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