Oncideres germari make an partíal incission at the base of branches of several Legunúnosae species. After, the dead branehes are used for oviposition. Others species of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) use the girdled branches as a resource for their larval development: Acanthoderes jaspidea congener, Achryson sp. (undescribed species), A. undulatum, Achryson unicolor, Alphus bmchi, Ambonus interrogationis, Chrysoprasis sp. (prob. C. aurata), Compsibidion circunflexum, Compsocerus violaceus, Eburodacrys crassimana, E. flexuosa, Ethemon basa/e, Mecometopus sp. Miopteryx spinigera, Neoclytus ruJus, Nesozineus obscurus, Oxymerus aculeatus meridionalis, O. virgatus, Retrachydes thoracicus sulcatus and Stizocera tristis. Dates of emergence compared with those of the dead plants of the same species at the same place where the girdled branches had been colleeted show that: 1) a few species are exclusive of the girdled branches; 2) a group of species emerge in march-april, at the same time of O. germari; 3) other group of species emerge at november-december; 4) a third group that emerge continuosly in spring and summer.