Floral biology was investigated in Kerianthera preclara Kirkibride (Rubiaceae) by observing corolla tube growth, flower visÍlors and nectar production. The corolla tube matured in 6-7 weeks (from bud stage to anthesis). The main flower visitors were stingless bees (Apidae: Meliponinae), hurnmingbirds (Trochilidae), wasps (Vespidae), ants (Formicidae) and small weevils (Curculionidae). Trigona williana was the only flower visitor observed to collect both pollen and nectar. Nectar production and sugar content were high. Flower morphology and color -acercar pilose red corolla tube with stigma held aboYe the anthers- was indicative of a hurnmingbird pollination syndrorne and nectar was collected several times by the hummingbird Eupelomena macroura (Trochilidae).