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Observations on the plant hosts and possible mimicry models of "Lantern Bugs" (<i>Fulgora</i> spp.) (Homoptera: Fulgoridae)
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Hogue, C. L. (2017). Observations on the plant hosts and possible mimicry models of "Lantern Bugs" (<i>Fulgora</i> spp.) (Homoptera: Fulgoridae). Revista De Biología Tropical, 32(1), 145–150. Retrieved from


From the author's field observations and literature records, neotropical "Lantern Bugs" (Fulgora spp.) are now known to use tree species of 5 families as resting, and presumably, feeding hosts: Simaroubaceae-Simarouba amara Aublet; Simaba versicolor St. Hilaire; Fabaceae Hymenaea oblongifolia (var. palustris (Ducke) Lee & Langenheim, Hymenaea coubaril Linnaeus; Myroxylon balsamum (Linnaeus) ; Rutaceae-Zanthoxylum sp. ; Lecythidaceae-Lecythis sp, ; Vochysiaceae- Vochysia tucanorum Martius. Most of these are producers of resins or noxious chemicals which may be sequestered by the bugs.

These trees are also frequented by various arboreal lizards which are good candidates for models for mimicry by the bugs because of the reptilian-like appearance of the latter's large head protuberance and other structural and color features. The resemblance of Fulgora laternaria Linnaeus to Plica plica (Linnaeus) in the Iquitos area of Peru is especially close and this is postulated as the model in that area.

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