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Chaetognath species composition from a coral reef lagoon in the Mexican Caribbean Sea


Coral reef
Caribbean sea

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Ramírez Avila, Y., & Alvarez Cadena, J. N. (2016). Chaetognath species composition from a coral reef lagoon in the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Revista De Biología Tropical, 47(S1), 157–163. Retrieved from


Monthly species composition and abundance of Chaetognaths from January 10 December 1991 al two sampling sites, from the Puerto Morelos coral reef lagoon were examined. The species were: Ferosagitta hispida, Flaccisagitta enflata, Flaccisagitta hexaptera, Krohnitta pacifica, Prerosaliitta draco. Sagiua bipunctata, Sagitta helenae, Sagitta (enuis and Serratusagitta serratodentata, most of them being common al both survey areas. F. hispida (station A: 2 801 org./100m3; station B: 11 285 org./100m3) and F. enflata (slation A: 2 878 org./100m3; station B: 5 470 org./100m3) were the most abundant species, representing more than 90% of the total capture. Maximum numbers were regislered in the rainy season and minimal in lhe "Nortes" season. The remaining species were not collected consistently and due lo lheir sporadic caught and scarcity it was not possible to determine any abundance pattern. The coral reef lagoon presented stenohaline conditions (±1. 2 psu all the year round); temperatures showed also small changes (±1.6 °C) and varied according lo the season, being highest during the dry and raíny periods and slightly lower in the "Nortes".


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