Diversity and abundance of echinoderms from the reef lagoon at Cahuita National Park, Caribbean from Costa Rica. A total of 15 species of echinoderms (one asteroid, seven ophiuroids, five echinoids and two holothurians) were recorded at the Cahuita National Park reef lagoon, between September and October 2003, using a 1 m2 quadrant. The sites with coral substrate and algae were the most diverse, while those with seagrass and sand were the least. Ophiuroids were the most abundant group with 170 individuals, asteroids were the least abundant. Adding other studies and reports of echinoderms to this study, a total of 23 species have been found at Cahuita National Park, which is the most diverse area on the Caribbean of Costa Rica. We report nine new echinoderm records for Costa Rica’s Caribbean. Rev. Biol. Trop. 53(Suppl. 3): 285-290. Epub 2006 Jan 30.
Keywords: Echinodermata, diversity, Cahuita, Costa Rica, Caribbean