Legal aspects related to Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica. Cocos Island National Park was created by an executive decree, which was then ratified by law and its marine area has been increased in the past years, also by means of executive decrees. It is one of the Costa Rican national parks that integrate terrestrial, insular and marine areas. all the legislation in force that refers to national parks in general, the regulations regarding natural resources and more specific stipulations for this national park are applicable to this marine protected area. This article reviews current regulations applicable to this national park, from general legislation through particular stipulations. Rev. Biol. Trop. 56 (Suppl. 2): 207-214. Epub 2008 August 29.
Keywords: Legislation, Cocos Island National Park, Isla del Coco, regulations on protected areas, scuba diving, snorkel, fisheries, mining, national parks