Phyllodial pores and the identification of two subspecies of sea urchins in Mexico: Meoma ventricosa grandis (Pacific) and Meoma ventricosa ventricosa (Atlantic). The genus Meoma inhabits Mexican waters and is represented by the subspecies Meoma ventricosa grandis in the Pacific and Meoma ventricosa ventricosa in the Atlantic. Both subespecies are morphologically similar. We studied the morphological differences between Meoma ventricosa grandis and Meoma ventricosa ventricosa, specifically in the patterns of phyllodial pore pairs and kind of sediments where they live. The number of pores differs among subspecies until M. ventricosa grandis reaches 110 mm of total lenght. The difference in the number of phyllodial pores can be an adaptation to the size of silt grain. Rev. Biol. Trop. 56 (Suppl. 3): 13-17. Epub 2009 January 05.
Keywords: sea urchins, Meoma ventricosa grandis, Meoma ventricosa ventricosa, México, phyllodial pores