Stomatopods and decapods (Crustacea), of the expedition RV Urracá-STRI (2005) on the Pacific coast of central and northern of Costa Rica. During the RV Urracá – STRI (June-July 2005) expedition to the Central and Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, 90 species of crustaceans were collected. Seven were identified to family, four to genus and 79 to species. Of the four genera and 79 species (five stomatopods and 74 decapods), 66 have been reported previously for Costa Rican waters, 17 are new samples for the Museo de Zoología, Universidad de Costa Rica collection, 10 are new records for the country, and three represent range extensions. Rev. Biol. Trop. 56 (Suppl. 4): 105-112. Epub 2009 June 30.
Keywords: Stomatopoda, decapods, Pacific, Costa Rica, STRI, RV Urraca