Revista de Biología Tropical ISSN Impreso: 0034-7744 ISSN electrónico: 2215-2075

“Please pay $800 to read this article”: An open letter to paywall companies
Volumen 66 Número Regular Marzo 2018


scientific development
fair trade
injustice in science
Third World economies.

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MONGE-NAJERA, J. (2018). “Please pay $800 to read this article”: An open letter to paywall companies. Revista De Biología Tropical, 66(1), 1–5.



 Significant amounts of economic resources are spent by poor countries for access to scientific information that is blocked by pay-walls, and when fees are corrected for local economies, they can be the equivalent of hundreds of dollars per article. Pay-walls, is controlled by a small group of companies in rich countries, block knowledge from the societies that need it most. These companies should adjust their fees according to local economies: this would be fairer and would benefit everyone, including the same companies.


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