Distribution and phenology of the family Riodinidae (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) in the tropical semi-deciduous forest of Oaxaca, Mexico. Riodinidae is very diverse in the Neotropical region; in Mexico the knowledge about the biology of most of its species is still scarce. For the present work, exhaustive and systematic collections of Riodinidae were carried out in 14 localities of the Loxicha region, Oaxaca, Mexico, particularly in two with tropical semi-deciduous forest. In addition, previous records for this region were examined, in an altitude range of 70 to 2 500 m; the majority collected by the staff of the Museo de Zoología (Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM). We obtained 4 029 specimens from the fieldwork and MARIPOSA database, 2 306 of them are present in the tropical semi-deciduous forest (TSF). The total number of species for the region is 52, distributed in 22 genera and two subfamilies; the most diverse subfamily was Riodininae (50 species). Using parametric estimators the richness of the family was calculated for the two locations of TSF studied and the entire region, reaching theoretical values greater than 80 %. When comparing the results with other lists of species of the Mexican Pacific, it is concluded that the Loxicha region harbours the greatest richness of Riodinidae. In the tropical semi-deciduous forest, transects were carried out for two years, allowing microhabitats to be distinguished from more than 40 species, which are described and illustrated with drawings and in situ photographs. In this vegetation type most species of the Loxicha region are recorded. Rev. Biol. Trop. 66(2): 503-558. Epub 2018 June 01.

Keywords: altitudinal distribution, microhabitat, tropical semi-deciduous forest.