Introduction: Local environmental filters have shown the influence on the bryophyte diversity and structure communities, but there are limited studies that analyze how biotic relationships filters influence these communities. Objective: To evaluate whether the influence of fern Asplenium auritum cover determine changes in species richness and composition of bryophyte communities, in a semideciduous remnant forest, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Methods: We selected one transect of 300 m in each of six areas where Asplenium auritum was present. In all transect we estimated plant cover in 39 10 × 10 cm plots randomly distributed. We compare the estimated species richness and composition of bryophyte between fern coverage levels. Results: We found 60 species in 35 genera and 23 families. Weft and mat were the most represented life-forms. Fern cover had no significant effect on bryophyte species richness and composition. Conclusions: Bryophyte cover appears to improve fern development and promote the coexistence of several bryophyte species. Bryophyte cover probably predicts variations in species richness and drives the species assemblage in this community.

Keywords: fern, interactions, liverworts, mosses, plant cover