Introduction: Guerrero is the fourth most biodiverse state in Mexico, an example of this is the wealth of echinoderms that inhabit its coasts, it houses the largest number of species compared to the states of the Mexican South Pacific, it has 135 species, while Oaxaca 94 and Chiapas 15. The present study was developed on La Roqueta Island in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, it is part of 0.3% of the national territory. The islands are the habitat of a greater number of species and endemisms, compared to continental areas of the same size, isla La Roqueta, like other islands in Mexico, are recognized as sites of great value, however, they face serious threats that put their stability at risk. Objective: To list the species of echinoderms on the island of La Roqueta de Acapulco, Guerrero, México. Methods: We collected in August and October 2018 and May 2019, through free diving and Scuba, at four sites, using direct capture, sweep search, random and transect techniques. Results: 214 specimens were collected, in four classes, nine orders, 16 families and 23 genera, for a total of 40 species. Important records are recognized: Ophiocoma sp., Phataria sp., Pentaceraster sp., Cucumaria sp., Astropyga sp., Meoma sp., Diadema sp., Afrocucumis ovulum, Pseudocnus californicus, Neocucumis veleronis and Holothuria imitans. Conclusions: The complexity of the various marine environments and substrates in Guerrero, particularly on La Roqueta Island, denotes the possibility of new species.

Keywords: Echinodermata; richness; taxonomic listing; new registration; La Roqueta Island; Guerrero; México.