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Testicular histology and morphology of the swim bladder of the neotropical fish Plagioscion magdalenae (Acanthuriformes: Sciaenidae): implications in taxonomy and distribution
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male reproductive system;
sound musculature;
tropical fish
sistema reproductivo de machos;
musculatura sónica;
pez tropical

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Rojas-Luna, R. A., & García-Alzate, C. A. (2023). Testicular histology and morphology of the swim bladder of the neotropical fish Plagioscion magdalenae (Acanthuriformes: Sciaenidae): implications in taxonomy and distribution. Revista De Biología Tropical, 71(1), e51157.


Introduction: The Pácora (Plagioscion magdalenae) is a species native to Colombia and in near-threatened category at the country level, of which little is known about the structures with ethological contribution in its life history. Objective: To analyze the gonadal development related to spermatogenesis of P. magdalenae and the taxonomic implications from the swim bladder. Methods: We collected seven samples in two climatic periods: the first from October 2019 to February 2020 of bimonthly collections, and the second from October 2020 to January 2021 of monthly collections; to cover every moment of the flood pulse of the lower Magdalena basin. We described the testicular histomorphology and macroscopic characteristics of the swim bladder of the species. In addition, we analyzed aspects such as morphometric relationships, size classes by sex, sex ratio and time of sexual maturity. Results: We analyzed 142 specimens and established 4 size intervals (between 145 and 575 mm SL), 66 were males and 73 females with an overall sex ratio of 1.1:0.9 (female-male) with no differences. Males have tubular testes protected by the peritoneum covered by the sonic musculature of the swim bladder, which has a "carrot" shape without appendages, with two lateral bands of intrinsic muscles (average between 6.75 cm long and 1.48 cm wide) connected by an aponeurosis and found only in sexually mature males. Conclusion: The testes have an unrestricted lobular organization and spermatogenesis occurs in the seminiferous lobes. The swim bladder of the Pácora is simple and has no accessory structures. The geographic distribution of P. magdalenae is restricted to the Magdalena River basin in Colombia.
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